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Monday, September 17, 2012

jewelry and masks

I have been carving like mad to get three projects finished for the upcoming show in Seattle, I needed to give my sore arm a rest. Luckily I have two very interesting ring orders, one is for a fox design, the other is to depict Wegyets wife, Copper Haired Woman's story. I had captured a moment in the story in a watercolor piece "The Return" and this is the inspiration for the ring. It is going to be incredibly intricate! What a challenge! I can't wait to see it done.  The fox design ring is almost done now, just need the final touches. I have created a copper fox design for this order, I met with the owner and it seems to fit him. If anyone was wondering how I created a fox design as foxes aren't usually seen as a design... I just thought of the features of a fox versus a wolf, and designed accordingly. Large ears, delicate snout, slanted eyes with a hint of eyelid, and a bushy tail.

Both rings should be complete this week. Then I can work on my frog woman mask, I am still shaping her out and don't know if she'll be a young girl or an old woman... or somewhere in between. I'll find out when she reveals herself. 

The red cedar I am using for the latest masks is incredible, it is old growth and the grain is so tight. it is a dream to carve.

For the past two or three years I have been studying faces, in particular the facial structure in different faces. I think I will start getting my mask ideas out now, they have percolated long enough. 


Stay tuned... 

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ahh, September
September is here and so is the return to school for my boys! it ia great to be back to some sort of schedule.

I am working with some wonderful old growth cedar that I was fortunate enough to reclaim from a burn pile. the tight grain is a dream to work with and I have created designs from the concept of saving this valuable commodity from being waste on the side of a logging road. Who knows how much treasure is out there for the lack of looking?
I'm looking forward to a productive fall with finishing pieces started long time ago and recently, my arms getting a workout anyway!
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Summer 2008

completed year 2 at the Freda Diesing NWCC program.

Northern Exposure II at the Spirit Wrestler Gallery
Four large standing panels, Stained Glass, commissioned by John Carlo Felicella for Culinary Team Canada for the 2008 Culinary Oplympics

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