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Visit online with the artist! I'll be discussing various projects, shows, and activities in art that I am involved in. I will keep this open to friends in art for comments as well.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Longer Days

Hello everyone,

I am enjoying our longer days for sure, I fill my days up with learning, teaching, carving, creating, and my kids' hockey. I will also enjoy a vacation sometime in the blurry future. These days I am creating designs and carvings of my ideas. Currently I am working on a few moon masks, one is a killerwale, a beaver, and a grouse in a different setting than is usual for moon masks. Moon masks being that a brim is around the figure or face, in my interpretation.  All this time I am spending being busy, I have designs floating around in my head, waiting to be painted. These designs are in the 2-D format, not so traditional native art that I hope to get on paper before the ideas float away to be used by someone else in another way. Maybe I can get my sisters to help me? They are very talented for sure. Maybe. Enjoy the slightly warmer days that are free of mosquitoes everyone!



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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Merry Christmas, Everyone! and Happy Holidays (moved from home page)


I had a great time at the gallery opening in Seattle and meeting the customers was a real treat, hopefully this is the beginning of great friendships! The place was filled with genuine people and good conversation. The art displayed was impressive and I was glad to be included in such a talented group of artists! Above I have the pieces I brought to the gallery for the show, "Women who Carve", everything but the narrative ladle sold. 

I have more portrait masks and moon masks designed and am roughing out new projects now, going back and forth between working on jewelry and wood carving, it's a perfect match. I hope that this momentum keeps up. I have been updating my facebook page "Arlene Ness, Artist" pretty steadily, as I now have instant access to the internet, so if you would like to find out what I'm doing, "like" my page!

Since the middle of October I have also been teaching an introductory course of Northwest Coast Native Art as part of the INTA Art program in Hazelton through the Northwest Community College, so I created another facebook page for the class, and anyone interested in what we are up to. So look on facebook for INTA ART - NWCC Hazelton to check it out. 


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Summer 2008

completed year 2 at the Freda Diesing NWCC program.

Northern Exposure II at the Spirit Wrestler Gallery
Four large standing panels, Stained Glass, commissioned by John Carlo Felicella for Culinary Team Canada for the 2008 Culinary Oplympics

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