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Visit online with the artist! I'll be discussing various projects, shows, and activities in art that I am involved in. I will keep this open to friends in art for comments as well.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Roast Beef, lucky clover sugar cookies, and green beer (for the adults) sounded like the perfect dinner for St Patrick's day, I didn't want to drink beer but everything else was stupendous! We all wore green, had green waffles at a friends place and felt sufficiently festive for St. Patrick's Day. I painted in watercolors this month, and it was inspirational. I love this feeling of being refreshed in the spring, makes me drag out my summer clothes in anticipation.


I am working on new bracelet designs and am excited to do a series of bracelets and pendants, If you are interested in ordering just email me. 

27 mar 13 @ 9:53 pm          Comments

transferred from the home page, in February:

I'm loving the longer days, the air is slightly less chilly, and I can be outside without being totally bundled up. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day! I take lovely walks in the brisk air and appreciate the beauty of my local scenery. This seems to be a designing time of year for me as ideas are flowing. 

The introductory course of Northwest Coast Native Art is going very well, teaching is relearning. I have new little projects that I can't help but to work on, a comb, spoons, and amulets. I also have been working on some new knives, cutting, grinding, and shaping metal reminds me what I like about knife-making. 

27 mar 13 @ 9:44 pm          Comments

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Summer 2008

completed year 2 at the Freda Diesing NWCC program.

Northern Exposure II at the Spirit Wrestler Gallery
Four large standing panels, Stained Glass, commissioned by John Carlo Felicella for Culinary Team Canada for the 2008 Culinary Oplympics

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