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Arlene's original stained glass art

Stained glass art is my favorite form of creating unique art, I play with color, light, and textures with each design. I started about 14 years ago at a weekend workshop. I quickly progressed from patterns to original artworks. Inspired by wildlife and the beautiful scenery of the North Coast, I am creating designs for stained glass that reflect my idea of paradise. I have designs made incorporating my culture as well that I will be fabricating soon.
Building stained glass panels is quite an undertaking, you start with 2' x 2' squares of stained glass in many colors and textures and opacity, an idea you have to wrestle into a cuttable pattern that will withstand handling and use, and LOTS of time: for the layout of the pattern in the different steps needed; the cutting, grinding, and foiling of each piece, and then the assembly and soldering (which is about three times on each side, to get a clean look) the cleaning and installation or addition of hanging components.

Commissioned piece for "Culinary Team Canada"

Close up of bear panel,

Killerwale stained glass,

Grizzly Falls, Misty River Art Gallery
For sale, $2250.00. part of the proceeds go to the Skeena Watershed Preservation Coalition

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