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Various art prints, paintings, and drawings

What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my art with others. But I also like to hear what others think and to exchange ideas.

On this page, I'll share some of the art I've done as examples for commissions, and some will be posted as for sale.

Hummingbird limited edition print, $80

Returning Inland II original $900, limited edition print $120

Brothers original $900, limited edition print $75

Mouse Woman at K'san, limited edition print $60

Maiden of Temlahamid limited edition print $120

White Rabbit limited edition print, $50

This is a shortened version of the now published story that tells of Wegyet's Wife, Copperhaired woman.

Wegyet is well known for his foolishness and greed when it comes to hunting and fishing, choosing the easy way or grabbing too much, always leading to his downfall. He is well loved for his hijinks, and the lessons we learn from him.

Wegyet was fortunate for a time in his life when he acquired Copperhaired Woman for his wife. She took such care of him that he no longer had to worry about when he would get his next meal, he had a roof over his head - that didn't leak, warm food for his stomach, and a woman to care for him. She had a special skill that when she beckoned, the salmon would jump out of the river and hang themselves up in the smokehouse, this is where she spent most of her time when not waiting hand and foot on Wegyet. After a while he got used to this comfort, and started to take it for granted and expected Copperhaired woman to be at his beck and call. One day she did not heed his call, he yelled for her yet she did not come. Wegyet had to go looking for her and finally checked her smokehouse. When he did not find her there he threw a fit and yanked the fish down from the hanging sticks and stomped them into the dust. Copperhaired woman saw what he had done and that was it. She could put up with a lot but not that, the disrespect of the gift of salmon, so she gestured to the fallen salmon and the salmon still hanging, they reanimated and followed her back to the river. Wegyet couldn't, though he tried, to find her again. Thus he was back to finding food on his own and wandering from place to place. This story is copyright protected, Gitxsan Intellectual property, ©gitxsan heritage 2012.

I chose a moment in time, when Copperhaired Woman takes her salmon and leaves Wegyet

"The Return" 16 x 21 watercolor painting
original painting $1500, limited edition print $120

Butterfly Moon
22" x 22", this print is for sale at $200. Edition of 120. Arlene Ness


wood burning art, soccer trophy


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